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Hank Snow - Miller's Cave (Chord)
Album: RCA Country Legends (2001)
Submitter: macg1 (5) on 8/1/06
Month Views: 6 | Total Views: 3,216
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C Way down in the G state of C Georgia 
Thru the G swamps and ever-(C) glades 
There''s a F hole in Tiger C Mountain 
God help the man who gets G lost in Miller''s C Cave. 
I had a girl (had a girl) 
in Waycross, Georgia (Waycross, Georgia) but she had unfaithful ways 
Made me feel (made me feel) I was unwanted (so unwanted) 
Like the bats and the bears in Miller''s Cave. 
I couldn''t stand the way she did me 
Couldn''t take her low down ways 
Before I''d stay with a cheatin'' woman 
I''ll go live the bears in Miller''s Cave. 
I caught her out (caught her out) one Sunday morning (Sunday morning) 
With a man they call Big Dave 
Meanest man (meanest man) in Waycross, Georgia (Waycross, Georgia) 
I''d rather fight a Mountain Lion in Miller''s Cave. 
I said you''ll pay, both you and Davey 
I must see you in your grave 
They laughed at me and then I shot ''em 
I took their cheatin'', schemin'' bones to Miller''s Cave. 
That woman made (woman made) me feel unwanted (so unwanted) 
But I showed ''em I was brave 
Most wanted man in the state of Georgia 
But they''ll never find me ''cause I''m lost in Miller''s Cave. 
STRUM: (G)Dark cold, (D)cave, (A)Miller''s (D)Cave. 
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