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Hank Williams, Jr. - Eyes Of Waylon (Chord)
Album: Hog Wild (1995)
Submitter: lmofle (386) on 8/23/02 1 comment
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Eyes Of Waylon
By Hank Williams Jr.

Here are the chordsÖthe only part I am unsure of is 
ďThe eyes of Waylon just told me soĒÖcouldnít pinpoint
the exact chord but the closest I got is an F

        G                       F            G
When it comes to real rounders, thereís only one
         G                    F           G
That was better than I was at haviní some fun
         G             F           G
Now itís true he shows grey in his beard
     G                                  F            D    
Does that mean heís history, or is he a pillar and a peer
     G                     F                G
This music called country, somethiní we all make
       G                           F          D
No, it didnít just happen cause of the latest rage
                G                              F                  G 
Soon he was the biggest thing to come along in Nashville in those days
            G                              F            G
He sang his song called ďAre You Sure Hank Done It This WayĒ
        G                           F                G
I donít know if he did or not but I sure know what I saw
        G                                F              D 
The 1st triple platinum in that town was hanging on his wall
    G                  F             G
Radio will play him until the end of time
        G                                D 
Because heís a real legend not the phony kind

      G             D       C
And I looked in the eyes of Waylon
    G                                         D
And there I saw things that Iíd never seen before
        G            D             C
I saw a father and a brother and a friend
          G                                D
I saw the nights we spent while out on the road
             G                   D                  G
Itís not the money, itís not the fame, itís not the ladies
        G              F            G
And the eyes of Waylon just told me so
        G            D       C
Yes, I looked in the eyes of Waylon
G                                    D            
There I learned things that I better know
         G                  D         C
And if I doubted there is a hillbilly heaven
    G              F            G  
The eyes of Waylon just told me so

And if I doubted there is a hillbilly heaven
The eyes of old Waylon just told me so

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
The F chord on the chorus is supposed to be an Em. The chorus just repeats G, D, C and G, Em, D. I just thought I'd throw that in there.
-SpaceGhost205 | 5/20/2003
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