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Jeff Carson - Yeah Buddy! (Chord)
Album: Jeff Carson (1995)
Submitter: WildCard76 (242) on 1/17/04 1 comment
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Jeff Carson
Album: Jeff Carson

(G) Hello boys I bet you're wonderin' (D) where (Cadd9) I've (G) been.
What kind of fix have I been gettin' my (D) fool (Cadd9) self (G) in.
(F) Have I been (C) hittin' the hard (G) stuff? No!
(F) Locked (C) up? Well, (G) that ain't so.
(F) Am (C) I in (D) love?.

 	 (E) Yeah, buddy, you got that right.
 	 (A) She's the queen of my Saturday nights.
 	 (E) No ifs, no maybes, 	 
 	 (A) I'm her beau and she's my baby.
 	 Is (D) Texas wide? Is the Mississippi muddy?
 	 Do I (N.C.) love that gal?
 	 Yeah, buddy!

(G) Come on boys, quit lookin' at me like I (D) lost (Cadd9) my (G) mind.
You'd all give up your honky tonkin' for a (D) gal (Cadd9) like (G) mine.
(F) Is she a (C) looker? (G) I'd say so.
(F) She wrote the (C) book from (G) head to toe.
(F) Am (C) I (D) hooked?

Repeat Chorus

(F) Met her (C) momma? (G) No, not yet.
(F) Am I (C) gonna? (G) Yeah, you bet!
(F) Is (C) she the (D) one?

Repeat Chorus 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I haven't heard this song in forever, but I love it. Just 2 little things. Try a Cadd9 instead of a C. Maybe it's just my own bias, but I love the Cadd9, especially when you need a C chord with D and G. And one small correction in the lyrics. Instead of "I'm her boy, she's my baby" it should be "I'm her beau, she's my baby." Outstanding job.
-tpmadden | 3/11/2009
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