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Justin Moore - Grandpa (Chord)
Album: Justin Moore (2009)
Submitter: drc (1) on 5/28/09 2 comments
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Justin Moore
Album: Justin Moore (2009)

You stood on that bank when i got baptized
Gave me a 30/30 when i turned 9
At 16 you caught me drinkin out in the barn
I could hear you cheerin when we won state
And you held my hand at grandmas grave
Cadd9                                             G
And i'll always be thankful you never sold the farm


Cadd 9                D      G                       Cadd9
Grandpa you stood so tall chewed that redman wore overalls
Cadd9                           D                   Em7
You were the same man on sunday mornin as saturday night
Cadd9                    D                G                               Cadd9
5'6" to the top of your hat but when you talk about the war thought you were superman 
Cadd9                D            Em7
American born simple man with a southern drawl
              Cadd9         D           G
You walk the walk talk the talk grandpa

You still swear that roosevelt was the best
That a homegrown tomato taste better than the rest
That 50 years goes to fast with a woman you love
Well this life ive chose is kinda busy now
But i know where to go when i need to slow down
Cadd9                                                   G
When i walk upon that front porch its like im still young

Repeat Chorus

American born dirt road man with that slow southern drawl
You keep walkin the walk talkin the talk grandpa  
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
im not sur of the words in places and also some of the cadd 9s are just plain c's i think i did this in 10 mins off a youtube clip please fill in the blanks if you cann figure out what he is saying and i know that "ill always be thankful for every oment like that" isnt exactly right
-drc | 5/28/2009
Cadd9 D Em7 Cadd9
Yeah American born a dirt road man with that slow southern drawl
D G G Em7 Cadd9 G
Now keep walkin' the walk and talkin' the talk Grandpa
-aubredneck16 | 3/18/2013
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