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Justin Moore - Only Place I Call Home (Chord)
Album: Justin Moore (2009)
Submitter: Georgewb (0) on 8/7/09
Month Views: 10 | Total Views: 9,926
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Only Place I Call Home
Justin Moore

Intro: D

(Verse 1)
I was baptized at the Baptist Church
My old man taught me bout a hard day's work
G                                        D
I learned how to love and learned how to fight
It's where we keep our cash in a dresser drawer
Cadd9                      G
Underneath a .44 and if we do you wrong 
We'll damn sure make it right

         Cadd9  G                 D
It's the only   place that I call home
   Cadd9                G               D
No matter where in this country I might roam
               Cadd9                   G               D
It's where the corn grows tall and the moonshine still flows
         Cadd9  G                 D
It's the only   place that I call home

(Verse 2)
You're word is good on a handshake
Preacher still talks about a judgement day
People gonna stop when a funeral passes by
We say, "Yes, sir," and say, "Yes, ma'am"
Answer the call from Uncle Sam
And hit a bully in the nose if crosses a line

(Repeat Chorus)

Cadd9  G  D (2X)

   Cadd9            G                 D
My roots are buried deep here in this little town
    Cadd9                  G                    D
And one of these days it's where they'll put me in the ground

(Repeat Chorus)

         Cadd9  G                 D
It's the only   place that I call home
D  D  Cadd9  G  D 
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