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Justin Townes Earle - 15-25 (Chord)
Album: Kids In The Street (2017)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (90) on 3/12/18
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Justin Townes Earle.
Album: Kids In The Street.
Intro: F C7 C F C G7 F C G7

Little loving, lots of wine,
Lots of trouble and some good times,
F           C
15....15 to 25,
Gmaj7         C        G7
One long day, one long night.

Went to the mountains, went to Chicago,
Got locked up in Miami, Ohio,
F         C G6
15, 15 to 25,
Cm          F                      C7   Cm
Heavy heart weighing on a troubled mind.

Break: C F C6 F7 C G7 C6 D6 F7 C7 G7

Now I got low and I got high,
C                                        Cm
I got moving fast and then falling behind,
F7             C C7
15, come 15 to 25,
G7              F            C7   G7
Slowly slipping clean out of sight.

But I always have money don't ask me how,
Always had a place to stay, oh I bounced around,
F         C
15, 15 to 25,
Gmaj7        F                 C
In the wind, strung out like a kite.

Break: C C7 F7 Cm C G F7 Cdim7 C7 G7

I hurt some people, I hurt them bad,
C                           F#dim7
Most had it coming, I've got no regrets,
F7            C7
15, woh 15 to 25,
  Gm7               G7                        C  G7
I guess I've always been the starving kind of guy.

       Cm          C
Ah but now I'm not running, I'm still moving,
I'm still don't know what I'm doing,
F         C
15, 15 to 25,
  G7                F7           C7
I know I'm probably lucky that I survived,
     C         Gmaj7 Fm7    C
Well I could be doing 25 to life.

Cm Em G7 F7 C
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