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Justin Townes Earle - Kids In The Street (Chord)
Album: Kids In The Street (2017)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 3/12/18
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Kids In The Street.
Justin Townes Earle.
Album: Kids In The Street.

Intro: D Gmaj7 D A6 D F#m7 Gmaj7 A6

D                            Gmaj7
My best friend lived in this house,
Gmaj7                                  A6    D
And we played ball in the street after school,
God knows how he's living now,
Gmaj7                                    A6   D
I head his Mom lost the house and had to move,
And sure, it's looking better these days,
          Gmaj7     A6   D
Well it's hard to believe, 
D                  Gmaj7              A6  D
And this ain't the way it was back in 1993.

    G     D              A6
And those weren't better days,
         D                     Gmaj7
But they still meant something mean,
Gmaj7            A          D      Bm7 Gmaj7 A D A/C# Bm Gmaj7
When we was kids out in the streets.

D         A/C#         Bm
Now there was a market on the corner, 
       Gmaj7                 A6  D
It was next to the car wash, mmm,
D                Bm7               G                  A
And lazy weeping willow across the street in the light,
          D       A          Bm7          Gmaj7       A7
Where the old men played dominoes on those hot summer days,
             D          Bm   Gmaj7       A7  
Sweating the Wild Irish Rose, out in the shade,
         D                   Bm              Gmaj7      A
And from Wedgewood to Granny White, oh, and, Belmont to 8th,
          D                      Bm      G          D
All these songs was broke into a host of sights and shapes.

A        G             A
And that was lower-end living,
D                  Bm
Back when life was cheap,
Gmaj7            A          D
When we was kids out in the streets.

Bm7 G6 A6 Dmaj7 Bm7 G A

Bm       D           G           D       A     D Bm7
Now it's gone, blown on a lonely wind of change,
      D                   G
Now I feel like I miss it most, 
      Gmaj7   Em    Gmaj7                 A     A6 D
Just 'cause I never thought that it could change,
D                           Bm             D Gmaj7 D F#m7
So I hear things are moving west these days,
D                Bm       D    G       D   A
Same old cut and pasting, just filling the blanks,
D             A/C#  Bm7            Gmaj7           A
Standing here right now, though it brings a lot of pain,
Gmaj7          A      D        G/D D
I smile when I think, yesterday.

G                  A7
Back when life was something,
     D     Bm
Like 1, 2, 3,
Gmaj7            A          D
When we was kids out in the streets.

Em7 G6 A D
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