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Kathy Mattea - Love At The Five And Dime (Chord)
Album: Walk the Way the Wind Blows (1990)
Submitter: lmofle (337) on 10/20/03 4 comments
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Love At The Five And Dime
By Kathy Mattea
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

Capo 1 – This sounds best fingerpicked!

You can also hear a high guitar picking. That guitar is capo'd
on 8 and played in key of D. (A=D, Asus2=Dsus2, D=G, Bm=Em)

Asus2 – X02200

A                       Asus2
Rita was sixteen years, hazel eyes and chestnut hair
D                              A
She made the Woolworth counter shine
A                              Asu2
And Eddie was a sweet romancer and a darn good dancer
    D                                       A
And they'd waltz the aisles of the five and dime

Eddie played the steel guitar and his mama cried 'cuz he played in the bars
And kept young Rita out late at night
So, they married up in Abilene, lost a child in Tennessee
Oh but still that love survived

             A                                D
Cause they'd sing, Dance a little closer to me
D                       A
Dance a little closer now
A                        Bm     E
Dance a little closer tonight
A                        Bm 
Dance a little closer to me cause it's closing time
    D                 E                     A 
And love's on sale tonight at this five and dime

One of the boys in Eddie's band took a shine to Rita's hands
So Eddie ran off with the bass man's wife
Oh' but he was back by June singin' a different tune
And sportin' Miss Rita back by his side

Chorus – “He sang”

Eddie traveled with the barroom bands till arthritis took his hands
Now he sells insurance on the side
Rita's got a house to keep, dimestore novels and a love so sweet
They dance to the radio late at night


Repeat 1st verse

They'd waltz the aisles of the five and dime
They'd waltz the aisles of the five and dime

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Great Tab! Keep'em coming.
-EMRLDEYZS | 10/27/2003
In the last two lines of the chorus the D should be a Bm. Otherwise sounds great.
-bwhitty | 4/3/2005
Thanks - fixed it...

-lmofle | 5/14/2005
I think it should be D.. Bm doesn't sound right to me
-EMRLDEYZS | 12/3/2005
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