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Lorrie Morgan - The Sad Cafe (Chord)
Album: Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles (1993)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (0) on 11/17/18
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Lorrie Morgan.
The Sad Café.
Album: Common Thread: Songs Of The Eagles.
Capo 1.

Intro: A Dm E A Dm E A Dm E7 A
           Dm         E7
Out in the shiny night, 
The rain was softly falling,
The tracks that ran down,
    Dm           E7 E 
The boulevard had,
All been washed away,

           Dm          E7
Out of the silver light, 
                     A      E A
The past came softly calling,
                   Dm            E
And I remember the times we spent,
Inside the Sad Café.

                     Dm        E7
Oh, it seemed like a holy place,
Protected by amazing grace,
And we would sing right out loud, 
E7                      A
The things we could not say,
                    Dm               E7
We thought we could change this world,
With words like love and freedom,
We were part of the lonely crowd,
E7             A
Inside the Sad Café.

F#m              C#m7
Oh, expecting to fly,
We would meet on that beautiful shore, 
                   Bm7 E
In the sweet by and by,

A             Dm              E7
Some of their dreams came true,
                 A   E A
Some just passed away,
                 Bdim7        E7
And some of them stayed behind, 
               A   Dm E A Bdim7 E7 A
Inside the Sad Café.

    E7                                 E
The clouds rolled in and hid that shore,
D/E  A   E
Now that Glory Train, 
   D/E        A       E
It don't stop here no more,
C/D               D
Now I look at the years gone by,
    Am7                       D
And wonder at the powers that be,
E7                                 E
I don't know why fortune smiles on some,
    Em7               E         A
And let's the rest go free, mm, mm,

Maybe the time has drawn, 
    E7      A
The faces I recall,
But things in this life change very slowly,
        E7             A
If they ever change at all,
No use in asking why,
   E7                   A   E A
It just turned out that way,
So meet me at midnight baby,
E7             A
Inside the Sad Café,
Why don't you meet me at midnight baby,
E7             A
Inside the Sad Café.

Fade: Bdim7 E7 A Bdim7 E7 A Bdim7 A E7
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