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Mark Chesnutt - I'm A Saint (Chord)
Album: Savin' The Honky Tonk (2004)
Submitter: buffdixie (18) on 10/16/04
Month Views: 9 | Total Views: 3,769
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Mark Chesnutt  I'm A Saint

C                 G
Here's somethings about me
     D               G
That you might wanna know
C                  G           D
I'm gonna tell you even if you don't
C               G       D               G
I come from the country I still been to town
    C                               D 
And I like dogs but just not in the house
      C                     G
But I might skip church one Sunday
To catch the football game
    E    D    C                  G
But I'll give twice as much next week
           D                 G
When they, pass the offering plate.

         G           C
I'm just ordinary on most days
Am               D
Extraordinary on my best
I got a good job 
        G                   C              D
But the way I spend money I never have any left
    G                C
Hey I drink too much coffee
        Am             D
And I'm always runnin' late
C            G             C            D     G
I was born a sinner but my momma thinks I'm A Saint.

  C               G
I had my share of heartaches
D                G
Bounced a couple checks
C                G             D
I had a wife but now I have an ex
C                      G        
No I won't ever be the president
D                      E  D 
Hell I barely finished school
           C                     G
But I know Justin sings lead for N'sync
       D              G
So my, kids think I'm cool.


G C Am D G C Am D

C                                        Em
I know that there are some who live life differently
C                                  D                    
There's a lot more people that are just like me.  


     C            G             C            D     G
Yeah I was born a sinner but my momma thinks I'm A Saint.

?'s buffdixie at 
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