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Martina McBride - Happy Girl (Chord)
Album: Martina McBride - Greatest Hits (2001)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 9/10/01
Month Views: 9 | Total Views: 5,120
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D (G D A Bm G D A D)-- 2x'S
G      D             A         Bm
 I used to live in a darkened room
      G       D           A           D 
Had a face of stone and a heart of gloom
G    D               A     Bm
 Lost my hope I was so far gone 
       G      D               A       D
Cryin' all my tears with the curtains drawn
Bb                       F
  I didn't know until my soul broke free
Bb                               A 
  I've got these angels watchin' over me
GD A      D           G    D         A    D
Oh watch me go I'm a happy girl everybody knows
         G        D                 A    D
That the sweetest thing that you'll ever see
       G          D          A     D    
In the whole wide world is a happy girl..G D A Bm G D A D
G      D             A     Bm
 I used to hide in a party crowd 
        G     D           A       D
Bottled up inside feeling so left out
G        D                      A        Bm
 Standing in the corner wearing concrete shoes
        G      D            A       D 
With my frozen smile and my lighted fuse
Bb                         F
  Now everytime I start to feel like that
Bb                           A
  I roll my heart out like a welcome mat  
==Repeat Chorus==

G            D            G          D
 Laugh when I feel like it Cry when I feel like it
G               D          G              A 
 That's just how my life is That's how it goes
--Instrumental-- (G D A Bm G D A D)--2x's
GD A        Bm       G     D             A       D
Oh watch me go I'm a happy girl and I've come to know
        G       D                       A     D
That the world won't change just 'cause I complain
        G    D           A     D
Let the axis twirl I'm a happy girl

Oh, yeah         |
Oh, yeah |--- (G D A Bm G D A D)2x's
I'm a happy girl |

Tabs:  E A D G B E
     D=x 0 0 1 2 1
     G=3 2 0 0 0 3
     A=x 0 2 2 2 0
    Bm=2 2 4 4 3 2
    Bb=x x 3 3 3 1
     F=1 3 3 2 1 1 
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