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Montgomery Gentry - I Ain't Got It All That Bad (Chord)
Album: You Do Your Thing (2004)
Submitter: palamin0 (59) on 5/6/04 5 comments
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Artist: Montgomery Gentry
Title: I Ain't Got It All That Bad
CD: Do Your Thing (2004)
Released: May 10, 2004
DVD Release: May 2, 2004
chords by: palamin0 at

Montgomery Gentry - I Ain't Got It All That Bad

Dsus2 = x00230
Bmadd11 -  x04430

Intro - Dsus2

(verse 1)
D                    A        Bm - Bmadd11
Well I ain't got It all that bad, 
          G             A          D
there's tougher lies I might have had,
                   A      Bm - Bmadd11
Sometimes I live hand to mouth,
      G         A             D
But there are those that go without,
Bm                 A      G
Might be things I wish I had,
                     A       Bm
But when I look at where I"m at,
   G            A        D - Dsus2
I ain't got It all that bad,

(verse 2)
(Dsus2)           A      Bm - Bmadd11
In my time I've tried it all,
 G                   A     D
Free love drugs and alco--hol,
                   A      Bm - Bmadd11
Got loaded up to kiss the sky
 G                      A       D
Just about kissed the world good-bye,
Bm                          A       G
there are those that never made it back,
                            A      Bm
Me I got lucky and found a landing pad,
      G             A        D
Hey I ain't got It all that bad,

           Cadd9    G          D  
I've got my sun---shine and a few good friends I've found,
  Cadd9              G                    D
A roof to give me shelter when the rain comes down,
        Caddd9    G          D
I've got tomo---rrow in a promise that he brings,
A new chance that still worth takin,
D/F#    G
And a dream that still has wings,

(lead - D - A - Bm - G - A - D - Bm - G - A - Bm - Cadd9 - G - D)

(verse 3)
D                   A       Bm - Bmadd11
These days I don't ask for much,
           G                  A        D
Just the grace of God and my woman's touch,
                      A        Bm - Bmadd11
Strength each day to face the fight,
       G                   A          D
And a place in someone's prayers at night,
Bm        A       D        G
Life and love to love and laugh,
                       A  Bm
IF I end up with half of that,
   G            A        Bm - G - A - D
I ain't got it all that bad,
   G            A        Bm - G - A - D
I ain't got it all that bad,
   G            A        D
I ain't got it all that bad,

Outro - Cadd9 - G - D - Cadd9 - G - D
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I love this song! It's my favorite
one on their whole new album. By the way,
The "You Do Your Thing" CD is awesome!
-Nashvillechick | 5/29/2004
Great Tab! I love the song and this is a great tab. I think in the third line it is lives instead of lies. I'm not sure but that was the way I interpreted it. Thanks and keep up the good work.
-snakebite404 | 6/15/2004
brother great tab to the t,favorite song that line is I got lucky from a landing pad,the reason I know is when i first heard it it reminded me when i got air lifted out fighting for my life , but great tab just a few words wrong no biggey.. thanks for tabbing it.. this song means alot...
-ronbo | 10/8/2004
This is a great song im glad theres alot of Mgentry fans to tab these songs out and get poeple making music the third line is lifes and its me i got lucky found a landing pad.
-hardcountryboy | 4/9/2005
this is a great song...very inspirational...kinda makes you think about how none of us really have it all that bad when we think of what we really have. I know that's the effect it had on me anyway. Anywho...I'm not really worried about the words so much as I am the actual tab. It would be nice if someone could really tab it out instead of just the chords. Same goes for the solo.
-strat0ma5ter | 5/11/2005
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