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Neal McCoy - I Ain't Complainin' (Chord)
Album: Neal McCoy (1996)
Submitter: WildCard76 (222) on 1/7/05
Month Views: 23 | Total Views: 2,315
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Neal McCoy
Album: Neal McCoy
1996, Atlantic Records
Submitted by: christopher r.
8:27 AM 1/7/2005

Intro: (G) (Em) (C) (D) x 2

We could (G) use a bigger (Em) house
We (C) need a new (D) car
The (G) money in the (Em) bank
Couldn't (C) fill a mason (D) jar
And there's (G) nothing 'round (Em) here
That (C) don't need (D) fixing
(C) But our love, baby's in (D) A-One condition

  (G) So, I (Em) ain't comp(C)lainin' (D)
  (G) Even if the (Em) rain falls (C) right through the (D) roof
  (G) I (Em) ain't comp(C)lainin' as (D) long as I got (G) you

Repeat Intro

I (G) get up every (Em) day
I'm (C) puttin in the (D) hours
There's (G) things about this (Em) job
That (C) ain't no bed of fl(D)owers
But (G) when I hear your (Em) voice
My (C) heart just starts a (D) hummin'
It's (C) in your arms baby, (D) I come a runnin'

Repeat Chorus

(Em) Pull down the shades
Take the (G) phone off the hook
We (Am) may not have it (C/B) all
But we (C) sure got it good (D)

Repeat Chorus

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