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Pat Green - Country Star (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (167) on 2/18/09 9 comments
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Country Star
Written by Pat Green & Brett James
Recorded by Pat Green

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  | (G) (D) | (A) (D) | (G) (D) | (A)  |  x 2

Well I (G)sure am (D)tired of these (A)coffee house (D)gigs
Cause there (G)ain't no (D)money and there (A)ain't no chicks
It's gettin (G)harder and (D)harder to (A)get my (D)kicks
so I (G)bought a little (D)ticket to (A)Nashville

Cause I (G)wanna see my (D)name up in (A)neon (D)lights
Drink (G)pink cham-(D)pagne and party (A)every night
All (G)them lucky (D)mothers up there (A)livin the (D)life
Man, I (G)gotta get my (D)ass to (A)Nashville

‘Cause I wanna be a (G)country (D)star and take it all (A)way to (D)far
Drinkin free in (G)every (D)bar just like Bo-(A)cephus
A I think it'd be a (G)cryin (D)shame not to have my (A)own air-(Bm)plane
I wanna go (G)up in (D)flames, me and my gui-(A)tar
Man, I wanna be a country star

Inst.:  | (G) (D) | (A) (D) | (G) (D) | (A)  | 

Well I (G)got a drinkin (D)problem so I'll (A)fit right (D)in
Gonna (G)sing me some (D)hits and get some (A)famous friends
I'll be (G)ridin shot-(D)gun with Kenny, (A)Faith, and (D)Tim
And I (G)wonder how they (D)lived with-(A)out me

I'll get (G)"Big & Rich" (D)rich and build a (A)big ol' (D)house
With a (G)big ol' (D)fence to keep the (A)riff-raff out
Call my (G)old girl-(D)friends say "how ya (A)like me (D)now"
C'mon (G)baby tell me what ya (D)love about (A)me

I'm gonna be a (G)country (D)star and take it all (A)way to (D)far
Breakin all the (G)young girls (D)hearts just like Keith (A)Urban
Man I'm thinkin that (G)sure sounds (D)fun
Rockin out with (A)Brooks and (Bm)Dunn
All the way to (G)number (D)one, me and my gui-(A)tar
Man I wanna be a country (Bm)star

Playin golf with Vince and (E)Willie
Hangin out with Carrie (G)Under-neath those (A)big spotlights

Oh, (G)yeah (D)   (A) (D)   (G) (D)   (A) (D)
Yeah, (G)yeah (D)   (A) (D)   (G)    (A)

I'm wanna be a (G)country (D)star, take it all (A)way to (D)far
Breakin all the (G)young girls (D)hearts just like (A)Keith Urban
Oh, man, I think it (G)sure sounds (D)fun 
Rockin out with (A)Brooks and (D)Dunn
All the way to (G)number (D)one, me and my gui-(A)tar
Man I wanna be a country star
(G) (D)   (A) (D) Country star (G) (D)   (A)  Yeah!
(G) (D) Oh,(A) (D)   (G) (D)   (A) (D) 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
this is the worst song pat has ever touched. what happened? (besides $)
-asmitty83 | 2/21/2009
easily the worst song he's ever been affiliated with, i think he went gay for keith urban..
-bhstruve | 2/22/2009
I can see the music video now... gag
-TDK104 | 3/19/2009
Not his finest moment, but come on guys, this song is a joke, and it's meant to be absurd and funny. He's making fun of himself. Lighten up.
-dantheman85x | 4/14/2009
I dont think he's poking fun at himself, I think he's being dead serious...he probably does want to hang out with tim and faith...just shows how much of a sellout he truly is...not counting that he has NO texas dates in his jagermeister tour...interesting...
-txmusicplyr | 4/16/2009
Why is it that when someone gains a little commercial success doing something different they are sellouts? This song isn't that bad. Is this Pat's best song? Not at all, but he is staying true to who he is and what he does. If he starts changing his style to fit in and make hits, I will agree that he is a sellout. Until then, I am going to continue to support Pat.
-tpmadden | 4/27/2009
Well time to start agreeing with me, or have you not listened to his music for the last 7 or 8 years? Listen to his 3days cd...then about the time wave on wave came out...COMPLETELY changed styles to fit in and 'make hits'...he goes from cursing nashville to embracing it? Sounds like a 180 to me. I agree, I'm glad he's gotten some commercial success, but at what expense?
-txmusicplyr | 5/13/2009
I don't think he has done a 180. Has his music changed? Of course, but not as drastically as you seem to think. Every artist changes some. That doesn't mean he sold out or is just trying to score a hit. Pat's stuff is still different from just about everyone else's.
-tpmadden | 6/17/2009
Personally I think it is a totally awesome song. There isn't a single person that gets on this website that doesn't want to be a country star. It has a catchy melody, great arrangement, and memorable lyrics. It sounds kind of like a song that Brad Paisley could cut.
-sufoad30 | 7/13/2009
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