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Phil Vassar - Athens Grease (Chord)
Album: American Child (2002)
Submitter: jamesstone_10 (1) on 5/1/06 1 comment
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I did this kinda fast, so any help is definitely encouraged.

Phil Vassar
Athens Grease

Verse 1
If you're headin' south on Georgia one twenty-nine

Straight into Athens past the Clark County line
            E                                            A
There's an old Texaco right across from the Athens Woolworth
Billy Joe Taylor's underneath that lift

There ain't a car on the planet that he can't fix
     E                                                    A
He swears on his chrome-plated ratchet that his heaven on earth

Well, he can make a rusty muffler purr like a kitten
Or an old Nash Rambler top out at one-fifty
Georgia's never seen a man more at peace
Than when Billy's got his hands in 

Athen's Grease

Verse 2
Six days a week, he's a man on a mission

He's the redneck Picasso of the manual transmission
         E                                                  A
And the only man in town who can make Charlie Vincent's van go
When the sun goes down and the day is endin'

Billy's still rockin' with a rack and pinion
E                                               A
Long as that boy's at work, well he's right at home

Back to Chorus
Well, he's a rotatin,' lug nuttin,'
D                       A
Spark pluggin' good ole boy

With his name on his shirt
           E                      D
And Thelma Lou Taylor likes to hang out at the station
'Cause she loves to watch him work

Back to Chorus
After Chorus
Yeah, Georgia's never seen a man more at peace
Than when Billy's got his hands in 

Athen's Grease

Athen's grease, baby
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
"i can see where older people could be dissappointed though. because its not true country"
That hurts my feelings one because Im 26y/o and I consider myself young and I hate this crap. Like Wildcard said this crap may make millions upon millions of money because Country is becoming all about Market just Like Rap, And Pop, instead of being the traditional music that we loved. And just because a song like this can make millions of dollars doesn't mean whatsoever that it will get T-Race into the hall of fame cause it won't. Big & Rich won't be in the Hall Of Fame, neither will Carrie Underwood, or Rascal Flatts. Hey they are making millions of dollars no doubt and thats good for them but like wildcard said they are not Cash, Haggard, Jones, Cline, Or any of the greats who will forever be remembered.

Let me ask you all a question especially those who like this crap.
10-20 years down the road if I came up to you and asked you to sing this song by Trace would you be able to remember it word from word.
I highly doubt it at all, I am even willing to bet you wont even remember this ugly song. But! If was to come up to anyone and ask them to recite the lyrics of "Folsom Prison Blues" Or "Falling To Pieces" Or "Always On My Mind" I almost gurantee you 10-20 years down thye road people will still be able to. Because its great songs like that that gets remembered. Not some stupid fad s**t that was a hit and made a couple of million dollars for like 3 -4 weeks and then was forgotten when some other dumbass writes a even sillier song. I agree Im amazed that people like Keith Urban, and Brad Paisley , and Toby Keith are doing as well as they have been.
Its great to see that musicians are still trying to keep it real.
-madtabber | 1/18/2006
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