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Rhonda Vincent - Ghost Of A Chance (Chord)
Album: Ragin' Live (2005)
Submitter: bwhitty (1) on 7/23/05 1 comment
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Album: Ragin' Live
Capo on 3

Intro: Em   A   Dsus2  A G Dsus2

Dsus2                                G
He lies all alone in his bed      he thinks of the weekend 
they met    his old heart will never forget 
                 Dsus2    Em A
their whirlwind romance

     Dsus2                                   G
He'd answer if someone should ask       that somehow she 
slipped through his grasp      his future is linked 
                               Dsus2   Em A
to the past  by the ghost of a chance

                     Dsus2                      G   G/F#
CHORUS: He hears her voice    as she enters the room   
    Em                      A                       
she offers her soft hand to him     in the light 
       Dsus2  Em A            Dsus2 
of the moon      he holds her close    
                 G   G/F#  Em        G
they sway to the tune          for a while he is lost 
       A                        Dsus2         INTRO
in the dance   with a ghost of a chance  (1st chorus only)

He's moved by the gown that she wears  
        G                                   A
and the single red rose in her hair  in his mind he places 
                     Dsus2  Em  A       Dsus2
it there   all over again         these moments in time 
hold him fast     these memories out of his past 
      A                                      Dsus  Em A  
won't die as long as he has   the ghost of a chance


           G                       A
END: For a while he is lost in the dance 
N/C               Dsus2    INTRO 
with a ghost of a chance
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Good job! This is probably my favorite off that cd besides, "Last Best Place"
-p8nter21 | 7/24/2005
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