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Tracy Lawrence - Find Out Who Your Friends Are 2 (Chord)
Album: For The Love (2007)
Submitter: mreeves (0) on 9/3/08 3 comments
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Intro:(D)  (G) x2

Run your car off the side of the road 
Get stuck in a ditch way out in the middle of
nowhere (G)
Get yourself in a bind, lose your shirt off your back (G)

Need a floor, need a couch,need a bus (D) fare (G) 

This is where the(Em7) rubber meets the road

This is where the (A7) cream is gonna rise

This is what you really(G) didn't know

This is where the(A7) truth don't lie


You(A7) find out who your(D) friends are

Somebody's gonna drop (G) everything

Run out and crank up(D) their car,hit the gas(G) get there 

fast, never stop to think,(Bm) What's in it for me?, or 

(G)its way too far! they just(Bm) show on up with their

(A7) Big ole heart, you find out who your(D) friends 


(D) Everybody wants to slap your back(G) wants to shake 

your hand when you're up on top of that(D) mountain(G)

(D) But let one of those rocks give way(G) then you slide

back down look up and see who's (D) around then(G)

This ain't where the(Em7) road comes to an end

This ain't where the(A7) band wagon stops

This is just one of(G) those times when

a lot of(A7) folks jump off


(G) When the water's high(D) When the weather"s not so bad

(A7)When the well runs dry /NC Who's gonna be there


You find out who your(D) friends are (G)

(D)Run your car off the side of the road(G) get stuck in a 

ditch way out in the middle of (D) nowhere, man I've been 

(G)there  (D) Get yourself in a bind,lose the shirt off 

your back(G) Need a floor, need a couch,need a (D) bus fare

man i've been there(G) Man' I've been(D) there (G)

Man I've been(D) there(G)


(D)  (G) 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
This is my first chord entry.I forgot to put a (G)chord after bus fare in the first verse.
-mreeves | 9/3/2008
As the Submitter, you can change anything. When you
view, look at the top of the Tab page(in beige) for "Options".
The 1st option is "Edit". Click this and modify as many times
as necessary. Keep on tabbin'...
-microsysinc | 10/9/2008
Thanks microsysinc for the info. Your Em7 chord was the correct chord also. Thanks again!
-mreeves | 10/10/2008
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