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Trent Willmon - Good Horses To Ride (Chord)
Album: A Little More Livin' (2006)
Submitter: twizzle05 (10) on 6/18/06
Month Views: 1 | Total Views: 7,241
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Good Horses to Ride
A Little More Livin'

INTRO: C  G  Dm  G  F

    C                  G
Old Tut was a cowboy I knew years ago
            Dm           G            F
Could put a stretch in a story like a forty foot rope
C                       G
Young and wide eyed I believed every word
      Dm               G           F
As he rambled thru the canyons and stampeded herds
Swore there were still Comanches in them breaks to the south
He'd seen good hand ride in there that never rode out


         C                           G
He had a horse he called Dollar that twice saved his life
        Dm         G                 F
He lost him to Jim Shoulders playin' poker one night
     C                    G
When I turned 18 I packed up and left home
        Dm              G           F             G
Tut was pretty old back then and by now he's long gone

Am                          Dm
I've heard it said that old cowboys don't die
They get put out to pasture way up in hte sky
      Am                     Dm
So if God's got a Heaven for old cowboy legends
I hope the grass is green on the other side
    Dm       G              C
And he's got good horses to ride


C                                                  G
Now the folks back home would tell ya Tut was just crazy and old
    Dm        G             F
But I still believe in conquistador gold
          C                    G
And those memories look like a mirage in the distance
        Dm            G         F
Staring out from this prison of urban existence
So I saddle up and I go back now and then
   F                           G
To remember who I was and just forget where I am


        C                       G
Now the concrete and steel they spread out like a plague
   Dm         G           F
Consuming the rivers, the mountains and the plains
C                            G
Then one of these days it'll all be gone
    Dm            G           F           G
But somwhere that spirit will always live on

CHORUS (end on Dm  G)

     Dm            G         C
Yeah he's got good horses to ride

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